I write songs. I write words.
I enjoy cheap beer and
classy conversation.

All of the things.

Definitive statements and generalizations garner the immediate gratification of public reaction because, as a rule, we can never truly know the full scope of even our own truth. Even science, working in the realm of proven theories, operates knowingly with the concession that any fact can become untrue, or at least LESS true, in the context of new discoveries. The landscape we know extends only as far as the light of our experience has illuminated. To say “I will NEVER do ____ again”, is to assume that your current experience will remain true for the remainder of your existence. To say “all _____ are _____” is to assume that you will always find said observation to be factually accurate, insofar as you are concerned, regardless of any future experience that could change your opinion. While it is less shocking, newsworthy, or even impactful to say “at this point, I’m not ____”. Or “this individual’s actions are _____”…. It is certainly less interesting, because as narrative-driven beings, we like game changes, plot twists, and most importantly… the perception of permanent change.

We like to solve. We like to label. We like to know. 

I think we’d learn a lot more if we kept away from definitive generalizations. At least, you know… For now.